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Meet our CEO & Founding Father

Baatile Machitje

Training the Police Nationale du Congo

Our CEO and Founder spend almost a full year within The Democratic Republic of Congo. His mission was one of service and social upliftment.

He assisted in training the technical members from the communications section of the Police Nationale du Congo in all matters pertaining to the practical planning and implementation of two way communications for a people within the dawn of their new democracy in 2006.

Some of the solar and communications installations could be seen from Google Earth satellite images of those years when a giant became independent.

Upliftment Thru Skills Transfer

Give a man a fish and he has food for a day, teach him to fish and he has food for life.

Mr Machitje is a retired, qualified South African Police Service telecommunications technician who had the privilege of first class practical and theoretical training. He is a firm believer of hard work and social upliftment thru the transferal of skills.

Social upliftment may best be described as the process of enabling individuals to grow and develop through the expansion of their own capabilities. This is one of the main purposes of BBBEE.

"VIRTUTEM POPULO" is power to the people. This is our business foundation and we will gladly form a professional partnership with like minded entities whom share this utmost important state of mind.

There is no compromise when it comes to social upliftment and it is how we see practical sustainable growth where wealth is shared by empowering first of all our youth.

We have our roots set firmly in Southern Africa but our Founder and CEO has done active service in The Democratic Republic of Congo under an international joint operations headed by The African Union.